PWCS seeks to shape students into digital citizens using information technology to better the world around them. This includes using digital tools to explore and exchange ideas safely and responsibly. In support of this, many parents and families have asked PWCS for potential solutions to monitor children’s online activity on personal devices. 

PWCS has robust monitoring in place within the PWCS network on PWCS-provided devices to keep students safe and identify potential concerns. Through a partnership with Bark, PWCS is pleased to provide a potential solution for families who may wish to monitor personal devices provided to their children.  

Through this partnership with PWCS, Bark is now offering all PWCS families Bark Jr for free (normally $5 per month) and Bark Premium for 20% off full price (now $80 per year).  

Using Bark Jr, parents and guardians can manage screen time, block websites and apps, and get location alerts. Bark Jr works on Apple, Amazon, and Android devices. 

Bark Premium monitors texts, email, YouTube, and 30+ apps and platforms, web searches and saved photos & videos. Parents will receive parental monitoring alerts for issues like cyberbullying, online predators, suicidal ideation. Bark Premium can also help manage screen time, block websites and apps, and get location alerts and check-ins.  

Parents/guardians can get the discount via this link or sign up using J4S5MQ3 as the referral/promo code when signing up via Bark website.  

Please see the PWCS website for additional resources for digital citizenship, internet safety and media literacy.