Virtual Schoolhouse Week 7                6/8- 6/12





Social Skills/ Behavior Help




Review retell anchor chart

Listen to Scaredy Squirrel


Which Came First

Activity - Fact or Fiction

Try the 5 finger retell about one of the stories

Which book was fiction?

Which book was non-fiction?


Review anchor chart

Listen to the alphabet song

Play this alphabet game


Write the ABCs or rhyming words with a stick outside.  Or take a walk around your house and go on a letter hunt, can you find all the letters? 


Review anchor chart

Play this rhyming game

Play this short vowelgame

Read this book




Review addition anchor chart

Subtraction anchor chart

Counting pennies and nickels game

Counting with 10 frames

Go outside, collect rocks in groups of 10, can you get to 100?

Grab some legos and make towers of 10, can you get to 100?


Virtual manipulatives

Sometimes we need to wear masks to keep us healthy and safe.

Read and listen to this story
Mask Keep Us Safe

Another story 
We Wear Masks



Review anchor charts


It is almost summer! 
What do you like to do in the summer?


In the summer__________.

I like to __________
in the summer.

Extra: Draw and label a picture of what you can do in the summer.


Please share something you did on Flipgrid.  You can show me a picture, a math sheet, your writing, or even your Lion and Lamb activity.Password: Tigers12

Virtual Office Hours:  Wednesday 8:45-9:45. 
You may go ahead and send me an email if you would like to meet.  We can then set up a Zoom session to get you the help that you need!



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