tigerreadingHello Champion Tigers!
I wanted to say how much I miss seeing all of your smiling faces everyday!!!
I wanted to offer a possible schedule for at home learning to continue and to help our kids have some "normal" during these abnormal times.
We do not expect you to recreate their busy daily schedules but to try to make sure that they get time to do these daily.

*Reading for pleasure-
reading the books that were sent home
*Reading to learn- (examples are resources from your teachers, 
 www.razkids.com, www.imaginelearning.com, www.abcmouse.com, etc.)
Writing- Write about what you read- what was your favorite part? What would you have done if you were the main character? write a letter to me!
Math-  review math facts, number sense and review skills learned this year check out Title 1 Math page for more great ideas!
Physical activity-  Not only is this great to get the extra energy out but it will help relieve stress and any anxiety they may be feeling.
Family fun time-  Try to laugh, smile and snuggle your kids. They are used to seeing a lot of friends, smiling faces of teachers and  a lot o social interactions. During this social distancing they need you to fill that void. 

Love each other and stay safe and healthy!

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