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 Mrs. Bird- Preschool Teacher
Ms. Esteban- Teaching Assistant

Thank you so much for visiting our Triangle PRESCHOOL website!

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Regarding COVID-19 CRISIS: 

We greatly miss our students and wish all students and their families well!

A Few Updates:

As you know, PWCS is now rolling out Phase 4 of the Virtual Schoolhouse/Distance learning for all students. This is what this means for Preschool students for the duration of the school year.

1. We will have 2 Weekly Class Meetings on Zoom. We will do circle time activities and a brief review lesson.

2. Any families that have indicated that they do not have access to the internet will receive a written review of our Zoom meetings.

3. Weekly Home/School Connections will continue to be sent out every week via Class Dojo and email and are OPTIONAL. They are also available here on our Web page under links. The activities are great practice in preparing the students for Kindergarten. Please make sure to take pictures of students working and send to me through Class Dojo so I can add them to our Class Story!

4. Every Friday, I will have open virtual hours on Zoom from 11:00am-12:00pm. That means you can use the link I send you to come in as needed and speak to me. Feel free to just stop in with your child to say hi! You can always email me at or message me through ClassDojo at any time through the week as well.

5. Every week, I will post a Conscious Discipline Flipgrid to ClassDojo and to our website under Links. I encourage to view it with your child as it will give helpful tips on how to handle their emotions.

Thank you for all of your support and I wish you and your family well!

Queridas Familias,

Como saben, PWCS estará entrando a la cuarta fase de “Schoolhouse/Instrucción a la Distancia para todos los estudiantes. Para nuestros estudiantes preescolares estaremos implementando las siguientes medidas para el resto del año escolar:

1. Tendremos 2 sesiones de “Zoom” a la semana.

2. Cualquier familia que nos han indicado que no tienen acceso al internet recibirán un repaso escrito sobre nuestras sesiones de Zoom.

3. Las conexiones de casa/escuela seguirán siendo enviadas semanalmente por medio de Class Dojo y correo-electrónico. Estas actividades son opcionales. También están disponibles en esta pagina en los “links”. Estas actividades son excelentes para repasar sus estudiantes para Kindergarten. Si pueden, favor de tomar fotos para que pueda agregarlos a nuestra historia de clase.

4. Cada viernes, yo tendré horas de trabajo virtuales de 11:00am-12:00pm. Esto quiere decir que pueden usar el “link” de Zoom para hablar conmigo. Siéntanse libres para entrar con su hijo para saludarme. Siempre, pueden mandarme un correo electrónico al o mandarme un mensaje en “Class Dojo” cualquier día de la semana.

5. Cada semana estaré agregando una presentación de “Disciplina con Conciencia” debajo de “links”. Los animo a que puedan verlos con su hijo/a. Estas presentaciones les ayudaran a entender y manejar emociones con su estudiante.

Gracias por todo su apoyo y deseamos lo mejor para usted y su familia.


My name is Kimberly Bird and I am very excited to be the Headstart/VPI preschool teacher this year at Triangle ES!

I have a dual major B.S. in Early Childhood and Elementary Education from Clarion University of PA and a M.S.E.D. as a Reading Specialist from California University of PA. I am also an endorsed Reading Specialist.

I have taught Preschool, 1st Grade and have been a Reading Specialist K-5.

I look forward to the great things we will do in Preschool this year!