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Welcome to the Fabulous Fifth Grade Team!
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Team Email List & Twitter (Class News)
Paula Alvey: Alveypm@pwcs.edu @alveyteach
Sheri Bandy: BandySY@pwcs.edu - @BandyClass
Shellian Barrett: BarrettSX@pwcs.edu 
Peggy Taylor: TaylorPA@pwcs.edu @ptay3804
Diana Zuniga: ZunigaDG@pwcs.edu

Updated: 4/17/20

Hello 5th Grade,

Starting on April 20th we are adjusting our way of sharing Virtual Learning Activities. Each week will be sharing a schedule with optional lesson activities for each day of the week. Each column has a schedule for an optional 60 minute lesson and activity for each subject. This schedule of lessons will be posted on our Triangle Elementary Class website, Microsoft Teams, and our other social media outlets.

We do not want you to feel overwhelmed and we are here to help your child access these materials. All the 5th grade teachers are teaming together to make sure that we are all on the same page with what activities we are sharing.

Our primary source for classroom materials will be Microsoft Teams. The name of the group will be

TRES-(classroom teacher name) Virtual Learning Lessons

                        Example: TRES-Zuniga Virtual Learning Lessons

All content areas will be now located in one place, instead of separated by subject. This makes it easier for students to participate in discussions and locate materials. Lesson schedules will be posted by 1:45pm on Mondays and students can access them during the week.

How to Access the Types of Materials

  • All websites will be linked directly onto the schedule for students to easily access websites like youtube and ixl.
  • All file materials (such as anchor charts and PDFs) will be posted under each class’s Microsoft Team Group called TRES-(teacher name) Virtual Learning Lessons. (Helpful tip: All fifth grade teachers have used a globe icon on Microsoft Teams to signal the group.)Click File at the top of the Microsoft Team page and then choose the folder labeled for the week’s date.
  • For materials/activities that can be manipulated on the computer by the students, they will be found under the Assignment tab under the Microsoft Team Group page. We will be able to see student progress for these assignments and give feedback when completed.


Class Meetings

We are also working to transition some of the class video meetings from Zoom to Microsoft Teams. Please be patient as we are trouble shooting issues with technology. Your child’s teacher will reach out directly with the times and website on which they will hold their class meetings.


Office Hours

Starting the week of April 20th, we will be hosting office hours on Fridays at 1:45-2:45 pm. This is a time for parents and students to be able contact us through email or preferred contact (Dojo, Remind, the Hub). If contacted, the teacher can set up Microsoft Teams with chat via messenger or video to answer questions directly. Have no fear- we will continue to answer questions throughout the week, but this is our main time to clarify content with students individually with a quick response time.